RobotiX has developed a specialized education platform that successfully combines theory, practice and reflection, to encourage students in finding solutions to complex problems through robotics training, exponential technologies and entrepreneurship in a playful and innovative space that fosters the student’s capabilities, self-esteem, creativity and emotional development. That way they will be able to propose new and better solutions to the big challenges of our communities, regardless their age.



Robotics courses


Our comprehensive 12 level educational program is specifically designed for children who are interested in learning robotics, science and technology in a fun and practical way. In each level, students learn to solve challenges while developing their abilities in the following areas:






Human development


Summer courses

During summer, each week is a different experience of discovery while learning robotics and exponential technologies. Everything is designed so that all participants live a different technological and creative experience, independent of the regular courses we offer. These courses can be taken by current students but also by any children with no previous knowledge. These courses conduct different short projects depending on the current trend. Not to be missed!


RobotiX Teams

RobotiX Teams are high performing teams that undergo a specialized preparation to participate in the main national and international robotics competitions. This enables a stronger personal and professional development by acquiring not only technical but life experiences.

TEAMS represent a COMMITMENT for the kid, the parents and the coaches.


Technology workshops


We have different workshops specifically designed around robotics, electronics and technology so that children and youngsters learn and have fun.

Last Friday of every month:

The last Friday of every month we host a 5-hour experience where children develop a mechatronic project. Not to be missed!

Christmas/ Easter

In these 5-hour courses your children will learn the state-of-the-art in technology to develop a fun project.


FIRST LEGO League Junior
We launched already FLLJunior in Mexico! Foundation RobotiX was selected by The Lego Foundation...

RobotiX FAIRE 2017
June 3 and 4: This year RobotiX Faire is back with almost 4,000 participants and other attractions for all family members!...

TMR 2017
RobotiX TEAMS participate in the Mexican Robotics Tournament 2017...